We’re still open for business during the time of uncertainty.

In February, we moved our equipment out of our public studio and to our home studio. We are a mother/daughter team committed to your and our health and safety.

We’ve implemented the following protocols to limit exposure and spread:

  • All boxes that are delivered do not come into the studio. We’ve asked our carriers to ring the bell when packages are delivered and they’ve been very accommodating.
  • The boxes are opened outside and we wear gloves to handle all boxes. Any box cutters or scissors used to open boxes are wiped after use.
  • With a separate pair of gloves, we take your articles of clothing out of the box and place them into totes that we’ve washed with hot water, soap and a capful of bleach. The lids are locked down with your shirts in the tote, we spray the tote and handles with Lysol, just in case, and bring it into the studio.
  • All shipping boxes are left outside to be broken down and placed in weekly recycling pick up.
  • We have cleaned and sanitized our studio and wipe our tools after we work each order. We only cut one order at a time. There’s never a time when multiple totes are open.
  • We have considered washing shirts/orders when they come in and will implement that if we feel the need to. At this point, we ask that you do this. Please wash all your shirts prior to sending and once wash/dried, place everything in a clean bag before you put in the shipping box.

We are committed to making unique and customized t-shirt quilts for you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I can be reached via email at or via phone at 810-250-1825.