Congratulations! Your Boy Scout just finished his Eagle project and will be aging out of the program soon. Your Girl Scout just accomplished her Bronze, Silver or Gold Award and you’re proud of all her accomplishments! But there are many memories stored in all those great t-shirts they’ve accumulated through the years. Like sections of a mosaic, each shirt tells a piece of the story of your son or daughter’s scouting experience.

Showcase Your Scout’s Accomplishments!

A great way to showcase those accomplishments at their final ceremony is to have those shirts made into a t-shirt quilt that will celebrate those memories for life! Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding on a quilt:


If you’d like to have the quilt made to display at a Court of Honor or Advancement Ceremony, make sure you give your t-shirt quilt maker plenty of time. Normal turn-around times can go between 4-8 weeks for a quilt to be made and it will depend on time of the year. Graduation and Christmas are busy times for t-shirt quilt makers.

Choose Your Shirts Carefully

They get A LOT of shirts in scouting, but there may be some duplicates or some that are less important than others. Therefore, choose your tee shirts carefully while keeping in mind they will be in the quilt for many years to come. Be sure to include shirts from younger scouting years too, like those from their Brownies or Cub Scouts days. You may want to include your scout in this process. Explain to him or her what you’d like to have done. You may get more input on which shirts they would like to include in the quilt as well as input on the next thing to think about – the design!

Quilt Design

Checkerboard Style Boy Scout Quilt

Choose your basic design. Most t-shirt quilt companies make only one kind of quilt, typically a checkerboard design – with or without sashing. Here at Meg’s Quilted Memories, we make the traditional checkerboard quilt like the one shown here for those who like the uniformity of that type of design. 

However, we also offer mosaic quilts like the one in the large photo above, that feature a more random, some might say, creative look. The mosaic design works well when you have lots of shirts to fit onto your quilt, especially if they include younger scouting shirts that may be too small for a traditional checkerboard, or when you want to mix multiple sizes more cleanly into the design.

Quilt Backing Material

Scouting Fabric for Quilt Backing

Do you want a fabric for the backing that represents scouting? Or camping? Or certain colors? Just ask! Many t-shirt quilt makers won’t accommodate specific requests because they work under a “one size fits all” approach. You may only have a limited number of backing colors to choose from. However, at Meg’s Quilted Memories we have MANY colors to choose from, and, if you’d like a certain fabric, we can accommodate your request! 

We have Boy Scout-specific material. As of this writing, I have not found Girl Scout-specific fabric yet but that doesn’t mean it won’t be made in the future. It’s always good to ask, and if a company says they won’t customize for you, you may want to choose a different company (hint, hint!).

Quilting Counts!

Your t-shirt quilt should be quilted. That simply means that there is stitching throughout (not just on the edges) to secure the top of the quilt (your shirts) with the back fabric and the batting that is in the middle. 

A so-called quilt company that doesn’t actually use a quilting process is not a true quilt maker, but they are hoping you don't understand the reason why they charge less. They make blankets and market them as quilts, but it’s a deceptive practice and gives the t-shirt quilt industry a bad name when the customer realizes that their cherished "quilt" is not holding up well over time. 

For more information, see our blog post to learn more about why t-shirt quilts need to be quilted. It contains a video so you can see real quilting in action. 

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