Frequently Asked Questions


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1. Can you ship quilted items to military FPO or a PO Box?

Yes, we do ship to military APOs and FPOs. Yes, we can ship to PO Boxes.


2. Do I have to use just t-shirts?

No, we can work with any type of material that is washable such as jeans, button-up/collar shirts, sweatshirts, sports jerseys, etc. If you have any questions or concerns about this, just contact Meg’s by phone at (810) 250-1825, or by email at


3. Can I send my own material for backing?

Yes, but please discuss with us prior so that we can give you recommendations on proper size and the exact amount you’ll need to purchase.


4. Can you use the front and the back of a tee?

Absolutely!  We usually use as much of the shirt as possible – we can even use logos or words written on sleeves.  If there is something that you DON’T want us to use, we suggest that you cover it up with blue painter's tape and write “do not use in quilt” on the tape.


5. What are the shipping costs?

Shipping charges are a flat fee of $20 to addresses in the continental US (lower 48 states). Alaska and Hawaii and higher, and that cost will appear on the check out page prior to completing the check out process. For areas outside the US, the difference between the posted flat rate and the actual shipping cost will be billed prior to delivery.


6. How do I know what size to order for a mosaic style quilt?

For the checkerboard quilts, each block is considered one shirt. So if you have a shirt that has a front and back that you'd like used, those will use two blocks of your quilt.

For the mosaic quilt there's some flexibility and will depend on your shirts. What is listed is only an approximation. You may need more shirts if the graphics on your shirts are small and on the other side of the coin, you may need fewer shirts if the graphics of your shirts are large. If you have many shirts with both fronts and backs, you may need fewer shirts. You can always put your less favorite shirts in a bag and mark it "use if needed." That way, if we need to fill in with more shirts, we have those to choose from.


7. Can photos be put on a quilt?

Yes!  We suggest that you have the photo professionally printed on a white tee shirt.  We do not suggest using photo paper from JoAnn Fabrics and printing the pictures on your home printer.  They do not hold up as well to wear and washing and you want your photo to last as long as the quilt.


8. How is my quilt made?

All my quilts are professionally machine quilted. I have an APQS Millenium Long-arm machine. The batting I use between your quilt top and your backing needs to be quilted to avoid sagging and bunching that occurs over time and usage. I do not hand tie. Please see our video on the Home page for details, or check out our blog post.


9. What options do I have for backing?

We use 100% cotton or flannel for the backings.  These are all quilters grade fabrics.  We also offer minky for a backing option which will incur a small fee for the upgrade.  The color selections on the order process are not the only options you have.  We have many more colors available, so if you don't see what you'd like, put a note in the instruction box that you'd like something different and we can work with you directly to get the color and fabric you prefer.


10. I started to cut my shirts, can you take them already cut?

Yes!  We do this all the time.  Depending on how cut up they are, we will either build them out to make the blocks larger or cut them to size.  If you've already cut your shirts, I would suggest going with the mosaic style quilt which will allow some flexibility.


11. How quickly should I send my shirts once I've placed an order?

Shirts should be sent within 7-10 days of order placement, especially if you have a certain due date in mind.


12. Can I cancel my order and receive a refund?

Yes, you can but it must be done within 7-10 days of when the order was placed.