MULTI-USE Size Checkerboard T-Shirt Quilt (20 Shirts)

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Custom MULTI-USE SIZE Checkerboard Tee Shirt Quilt Made From Your T-Shirts. Available with optional borders and embroidered quilt tag and block to add a special message.

Requires 20 Tee Shirts. Size is approximately 66 X 82". 

Please note that fabric patterns and colors change due to manufacturer’s dye lots and availability.  If your color or pattern is not available at time of order, we will work closely with you for a suitable alternative.

Closets and drawers full of concert tees? Sports tees? Camp tees? Sorority and Fraternity tees? You can’t wear them all or possibly some don’t fit anymore but you can’t bear to give them away or throw them out! We love our tees! We live in them, sleep in them, cry in them. They tell our story – our views on life, our hobbies and interests, the sports teams we love. They give others, possibly, an insight into our attitudes, beliefs, or views. Preserve your story with Meg’s checkerboard memory quilts from t-shirts! Customized memory quilts from t-shirts made to be as unique as you are.

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1 Review

Ann Goettman Nov 19th 2017


The perfect "WOW" gift for Chrismas morning. Just opened the box with three quilts (one for each of my college-aged kids) and what a feast for the eyes! They each turned out so beautifully! My kids will love them! Not sure I can wait until Christmas morning to show them! Amazing how Maribeth can make an amazing work of art from some grubby old t-shirts. Honestly spectacular!

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