Most t-shirt quilts are made in one of two styles – the Checkerboard or the Mosaic – and I’m often asked the difference between the two. The biggest difference is the size.

The Checkerboard quilt has a set pattern, and the blocks are a uniform size, typically 14-inch squares with 2” of sashing in between. A large lap-size Checkerboard quilt requires 12 shirts.

The size of a Mosaic quilt is primarily driven by the graphics on your shirts. A large lap-size quilt needs anywhere from 15 – 25 shirts because only the graphic is used. The larger the graphics, the fewer shirts required, and – as you probably figured out – the smaller the graphics, the more shirts required.


When deciding which style is best for you, you need to determine:

Which style you prefer aesthetically

How you plan on using the quilt

How to decide on a checkerboard vs. a mosaic quilt

Do you just need something to cover your legs while you’re watching TV, or do you need something to cover a queen-size bed? If you have a limited number of shirts, then the Checkerboard might be best since it will give you a larger sized quilt. If you have a lot of shirts, and you want to get as many of them onto the quilt as possible, then the Mosaic may be the way to go.

At Meg’s Quilted Memories, we know how to create the size that you want using the style you prefer. Before cutting, I can give you an approximate size, so you can decide then if you’d like to shrink it by removing some shirts or enlarge it by adding a few “maybe” or “as needed” shirts. We can also add a border to increase the size.

If the size of your quilt is important to you, please put that on your order form or in the special instructions, so I know not to cut anything until you have an estimate of the size.

Contact Me with Your Quilting Questions

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