Let’s say you’re searching for a company to make you a quilt, and you come across a myriad of companies that advertise “T-Shirt Quilts.” Buyer beware! There’s a huge difference between a real quilt and a blanket advertised as a quilt. Some companies call themselves quilt makers but they are really blanket makers. Even if they’ve mashed the two words together to make a new word such as “Blanquilt”, it’s still just a blanket. Here’s how to spot the difference.

This is a Blanket  

This is a blanket, not a quilt

Quilts According to Merriam-Webster

Merriam-Webster’s definition of a quilt is a bed coverlet of two layers of cloth filled with padding (such as down or batting) held in place by ties or stitched designs, like this:

This is a real quilt, not a blanket

When We Say Quilt, We Mean Quilt!

Here at Meg’s Quilted Memories we make real t-shirt quilts. We don’t advertise quilts and then make you a blanket. Why does it matter? Blankets are stretchy and thin. They will only hold up as long as the t-shirt holds up. How many of your shirts have seen better days simply due to wash and wear? A blanket will wear just like your shirts. Initially you will receive a very soft stretchy product, but over time it will sag and continue to stretch. It really is not in the same league as a real quilt.

Quilt Sandwich, Anyone?

As Webster’s definition suggests, quilts are made up of three layers. In the business, it’s called a quilt sandwich. The top layer is the layer of your shirts that have been sewn together. The bottom layer is what is called the backing. The middle layer is the batting. The batting is what will keep your quilt lying flat and will give the quilt body and warmth. Batting manufacturers have guidelines that indicate how far apart the quilting should be. This can range between 2” – 6”, depending on the manufacturer.  

Here's what the layers look like:

These are the layers that make up a "quilt sandwich"

Professional Machine Quilting

Our quilts are professionally machine quilted with a layer of batting in between the layers. We use an APQS long arm quilting machine for all our quilting, and we “quilt” all our quilts according to batting manufacturer guidelines for density. This process stabilizes everything and is the key to your quilt lasting you a lifetime.

Our competitor’s T-shirt “quilt” blankets are often made by taking the stretchy t-shirts and only backing them with stretchy fleece without any stitching whatsoever for reinforcement. Stretchy material backed with stretchy material is not a good recipe for a long lasting keepsake. Of course, they are very economical because they only take a few steps to construct, but the quality is lacking, resulting in a t-shirt “blanket” that fails to keep it’s original look and feel.

So, if you want them to last a lifetime, you can rely on Meg’s Quilted Memories to create a real QUILT for you! 

See Real Quilting Action!

Here's Why You'll Love Our Quilts

  • Quality is the most important thing at Meg’s Quilted Memories.
  • We use 100% quilter’s grade cotton for all sashing and backing fabrics.
  • All quilts are professionally machine quilted. Our quilts are NOT hand-tied. Hand-tied quilts will not hold up to the multiple washings these quilts will typically undergo during years of use.
  • Our battings are a high-grade poly (20%) /cotton (80%) blend for the perfect weight and softness.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Meg’s Quilted Memories. We’re passionate about our product and we love to answer any inquiry you may have. 

You can reach us at 810-250-1825 or click the Contact link at the bottom of the page.