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Learn all the do’s and don’ts of t-shirt quilt buying.

You’ve seen them on Pinterest and now you want to make some room in your drawers or perhaps have one made for a son or daughter who is graduating. How do you go about finding a company and take your plan to fruition?

There are many options and styles in making a t-shirt quilt and many companies to do this for you. This guide is designed to give you the information needed to ask questions of potential t-shirt quilt companies and help you make a smart decision.

If you have questions about a buying a t-shirt quilt then download this free guide. It is a comprehensive resource that will answer your t-shirt quilt buying questions. You will learn about mosaic vs. checkerboard quilts and what is best for your shirts, what materials are be used to make a quilt, how to make sure your quilt is sewn properly and much more. 

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1 Review

Jamie Mar 7th 2018

Very Informative

For anyone who doesn't know anything about quilting or what would be the best layout, this guide is very informative. I could now see why one layout would be better than another depending on the circumstances. Thank you.

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